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To my guests at Shivvetee,

Thank you very much for visiting Shivvetee! I hope you find my work engaging and inspiring. I realize my writing isn’t so easy to read. If literature is to rise above mere entertainment, it must make demands on the reader. I hope the effort you put into reading my poetry will be rewarded with new, enduring, and self-perpetuating insights and energy.

This site is meant to be a gathering place where people can openly and thoughtfully debate the merits of a wide range of literary topics. To that end, I welcome your private comments and ideas. You can find my contact information below. I look forward to more public discussions, where we can also discuss work in progress, on my blog, at

The deepest measure of the value of art and literature extends beyond the knowledge, ethics, and hope it transmits from generation to generation. When literary arts are combined with book arts, the results can generate a sense of encounter with the sacred. Holding such an object, you will feel the awe that rare and beautiful things can engender. If you would like to consider commissioning me to produce an illuminated manuscript for you, not a printed book but a unique and personalized work of art, click here to learn about the many options available to you, should you desire an object of enduring worth.

A note on the poetry files on this site: The Reading Rooms contain many files, in Adobe’s “Acrobat” format. I have chosen to use this format, rather than simple text for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it allows me to maintain the extensive formatting, decorative details, and special fonts that I have used to produce these manuscripts. The visual beauty of my poetry is the first level of entry into the sacred space I am trying to create.

Another reason I have used the Acrobat format is to help protect my copyright on this material. The files displayed on this site are read-only files. I believe you will find they cannot be edited or printed. If you would like a version that you can edit, copy from, and/or print, all you need to do is contact me. I will gladly email you one free of charge. When you contact me, please include your name and address. I assure you this information will not be used by me for any kind of marketing or resale.

To email me use these addresses:

• steve at shivvetee dot com
• manuscripts at shivvetee dot com

A note about emailing: To foil spambots, the above addresses are not clickable. To email me, just open your personal email program and paste in the email addresses above. Replace “at” with @ and “dot” with a period. Remove the spaces too!

I look forward to hearing from you! Stephen Berer

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